"Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."

"Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."
"...You have shown me great kindness in a strong city"

Saturday, June 2, 2012


And I almost didn't do it. God is so great! The auditions for the Brooklyn Tabernacle dance team was yesterday. For the longest I was worried about if I should do it because of the fact that I haven't gotten any training in techniques. Even the day before I was wondering if I should do it. I am so glad I didn't leave church yesterday! I went to Transitions after a long day at work and I was strongly considering leaving and going home. So glad God spoke loudly through the messenger. The message was about not allowing fear to hold you back from where God wants to take you. It dawned on me while sitting listening to the preaching that I was genuinely afraid of rejection. Not only that but also if I would be able to have the courage to even try out for it again. Even when I woke up in the morning I had the hardest time getting out of bed, I was even more tired that normal. Finally got there and did what I could. Too me a while to warm up and silence the voices in my head but God got me over it. I even felt content at one point of being ok with whatever the outcome would be because I felt like I did what I could do, that even if I didn't get it I gave %100 and not half-heartedly. So excited and honored that I made it! I start in the fall of this year. So just to encourage you don't let the fear of the present paralyze you from your future. Stick it out and Know that God is faithful and able to do the impossible!


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