"Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."

"Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."
"...You have shown me great kindness in a strong city"

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey guys! I didn't get to tell you all about how the Black History dance time line turned out or what happened during the past 2 months. Here is a little newsletter I sent someone.
I help the teenagers that are apart of our youth group we call Revolution. I am over the performing arts aspect. The last thing I choreographed was a time line dance for our Black History service. ! It took a lot of practices and grace but overall the teens did GREAT! 

We also did a scavenger hunt in Times Square for all the teens in our youth group. You can imagine the craziness that went with that. There were 50 teenagers that signed up to go! So what I had to do, along with five others was dress up in a disguise and walk around in a public area in Times Square until someone spotted me. When they think they recognized me or any of the other people they had to say “My underwear is too tight” then we would have to respond “Yes, that happened to me yesterday”. Can you imagine 50 teens around 9:00 at night running around Times Square and going up to random strangers saying “My underwear’s too tight”? It was too funny but the really cool thing is that NO ONE found me. NO ONE!!!!!!! The disguise I chose to go with was a man. .

It was an amazing night! I had so much fun the teens enjoyed it as well.
  We then went back to the church and we had a lock in at the gym.
It was a very fun weekend! As crazy and moody as teens can be sometimes I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself by just hanging out with the teens. The basis for the lock in was just for fellowship. I believe that sometimes when trying to minister to teens they really won’t listen to a thing you say if you don’t have that positive relationship with them. And most of them won’t want to step foot in a church because they feel that there’s nothing for them there but the lock in was to show the teens you can still have positive fun and serve God and that there is ALWAYS a place for them in the house of God. 


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