"Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."

"Fearfully and Wonderfully made..."
"...You have shown me great kindness in a strong city"

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. Prayerfully I will be posting some new things soon. The LORD continues to be faithful to me providing me with everything that I need. It's a bit hard at times but overall The LORD is STILL doing some great things. God did an AMAZING thing at the AMTC audition and divine appointments came to pass. I was even blessed to be a call back for acting dancing and singing but it never seemed to get passed that weekend due to my financial situation. A bit discouraging but through it all the LORD is STILL faithful!! Its crazy how God wires us. I don't fully understand it at times. When God gives you a gift, a dream, a passion, it drives you so much even to the point of frustration. Even when you're not fully operating in it it's in the back of your mind. One of my favorite speakers, Erwin McManus said something along the lines that some dreams will haunt you until you do them. I see it as a blessing. It helps me know I'm still alive. He's alive in me. And these desires  won't be satisfied until He does them. Even as I go through this journey I want to encourage any of you that may be reading this. If you have a passion, a dream, anything of the sort; Don't give up on it until it is done. Way easier said than done but we as believers have to do it. There are way too many dead people walking around out there :) And when I say believers I mean in CHRIST. There is something so encouraging, so exhilarating about seeing a child of God living out there gifting in front of others. It somehow shoots life into my spirit whenever I witness that. And what better people to give that Life to a dying world of broken people. We have The Life Giver inside of us. It will make them curious to know how we do whatever we do. Souls will be written in the Lambs Book of Life.
Before I sign off one thing I felt the Holy Spirit has continued to speak to me is the importance of knowing His omnipresence. His loyalty to His children. The fact that He is there with you. If it was a good day or a horrible one. Lots of money or no money at all. Many friends or just one. Famous or homeless. Loved or hated. He is there with indescribable love just for you.
 There is so much depth in that simple truth I encourage you to seek that out. Anywho, feel free to e-mail me wendy_hobbie@hotmail.com would love to hear from ya, and God willing there will be another video soon!


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